Fooz Kids Basic

Kid-Safe Apps. Controlled By You.

Fooz Kids Web, Videos, Games & Crafts

Discovery is always more fun when it's with someone you love. Children can discover websites, videos, games and crafts based on their favorite characters.

Fooz Kids Creator

Gives children the tools to create a virtual look-a-like of themselves. Your child will love changing hair color and dressing in different outfits and accessories.

Fooz Kids Mall

Fooz Kids Mall features thousands of virtual goods for children to personalize their virtual look-a-like.

Fooz Kids Places

In their own virtual room, children can express their creativity by decorating it with furniture, accessories and toys-and then invite pre-approved Fooz Kids Friends over for a visit.

Fooz Kids Friends

Today's digitally savvy children want to be as social as grown-ups. Let them connect and share with friends and family through this kid-safe, parent-managed friend list.

Fooz Kids Mail

It's a child's first introduction to email, and composing messages is a blast. Children can doodle, type, draw, add stickers and colorful backgrounds, and then share their creations.

Fooz Kids Video Mail

Friends and family living in distant places can now see more of each other. Your child can easily send video mail, and even record, send and receive video messages.

Fooz Kids University

Fooz Kids University is an application with thousands of math topics and over 22,000 practice questions for children pre-K through 5th grade.

Fooz Kids Books

Imagination soars with this free book creator and 10,000 professional illustrators. Children can create all the stories they want. Parents can preserve them as professional-quality softcovers or hardcover books.

Fooz Kids University Challenge

Compete in exciting, educational math quizzes with Fooz Kids friends and other kids from all over the world.