How do I add or remove content from Fooz Kids on nabi?

You can add or remove content from Fooz Kids on nabi by accessing the Parental Dashboard. To access the Parental Dashboard, please go to www.foozkids.com/sign-in and sign in using your nabi™ username and password.

To add or remove preloaded content, go to Parental Dashboard and select nabi™ Tablet, then click “Edit” under Fooz Kids™ List for the section where you want to edit. Then select (or deselect) the checkbox to the left of each character to enable (or disable) the content.

You can also add your own websites, videos, games and crafts to your child's account through the Parental Dashboard. Here is the easiest way to do this:

  1. Go to Parental Dashboard and select "nabi™ Tablet"
  2. select "Content" on the gray bar at the top.
  3. Under the Manage Content section on the left, click on "My Channel".
  4. Select the category (Web, Games, Videos, Crafts) to which you would like to add new content.
  5. Next, use our built-in search function to find content
  6. Click on the green “Add" button once you found the content you want to add.
  7. Your child will see a “My Channel” icon in the sections where you added the content.

To remove content you’ve added in “My Channel,” simply return to the section where you’ve added the content in Parental Dashboard, and click the gray "Delete" button for items you want removed.

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