Fooz Kids Terms of Service

This Fooz Kids Terms of Service has been posted and is effective as of January 15, 2015.

This Fooz Kids Supplemental Terms of Use (the "Fooz Kids Terms") applies to your use of Fooz Kids. Fuhu's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy also apply to your use and your children's use of Fooz Kids. These Fooz Kids Terms only apply to Fooz Kids, and do not apply to other Fuhu Sites.

Fuhu desires to operate in compliance with all applicable laws, including for example The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"). Fuhu does not knowingly collect or solicit Personally Identifiable Information (as defined in our Privacy Policy) from children under 13. All information collected regarding a child's account is collected directly from the parent using the parent's password protected account. When we refer to a "kid" or a "child" in these Fooz Kids Terms we mean children under 13 years of age. Also, when we use the term "parent", we mean to include legal guardians.

How does Fooz Kids work?

Fooz Kids is intended to allow parents to customize filters for our internet browser functionality, and select the videos, games, web pages and other content their children can access through an account the parent establishes for their child.

First, the parent must register with Fooz Kids and establish his or her own account. Once this is completed the parent may establish sub-accounts for each of his or her children. Only parents may establish, configure, update and make changes to a child's account. As part of the parent's registration, the parent will establish his or her user name and password. The parent's user name and password will be used to access the registration information, account information, and configuration information for each child.

As part of the parent's registration for each child, the parent will establish the child's user name. The child's user name will only permit the child to access the browser the parent has configured for that child. Kids are not permitted to access their parent's account or that kid's own sub-account information to make any changes or input any data. Parents should use common sense precautions to safeguard the privacy and secrecy of their parent user name and password.

The videos, games, web sites and content elements accessible through Fooz Kids will involve third party web sites viewable or accessible through our browser, as configured by the parent. These third parties have their own privacy and data collection practices and policies and may have their own separate registration requirements. Fuhu is not responsible for the actions or policies of such third parties. You should check the applicable privacy policies of those third parties when customizing your child's access and when providing any information.

Parents can configure their child's browser to make Internet locations of their choice available to their children. As a convenience, Fuhu may from time to time include suggested links to sites or content for parents to consider as they configure their child's browser. Fuhu has not reviewed or approved the policies or procedures of any parent-selected or Fuhu-suggested sites, pages or content and makes no guarantee about them in any respect.

Parent's Responsibilities.

By registering a Fooz Kids account for a child, you represent and warrant to us that you are the parent or legal guardian of that child at the time you establish the account and thereafter for the duration of the existence of that account.

It is your responsibility to read and evaluate all of the content and internet sites and pages you are selecting for your child. It is your responsibility to review the data collection practices, privacy policies and terms of use of those sites and make the decision about what is right for your child and his or her safety online.

Parents are strongly encouraged to participate in their children's online activities and monitor their children's use of Fooz Kids, the Internet and engagement in electronic communication generally. Fuhu is not responsible for monitoring your child's activities online. For more information on kids privacy and the Internet see

It is your responsibility to maintain the secrecy of your user name and password and to monitor your child's account configuration regularly to make sure there are no unauthorized changes.

Fuhu may terminate your account or any of your child's sub-accounts in its discretion, for any reason. If you are a parent and wish to deactivate your child's account, please send an email message to with your child's login name and password requesting that the account be cancelled. When we receive your cancellation request, we will permanently delete your child's registration information and account.

For questions about these Fooz Kids Terms please contact:

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The Fooz Kids website and service for new users, has been discontinued as of May 25, 2018.

Existing users can contact our support team at 1-855-275-6224 for customer service needs.